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Our chief objective is to maintain and hopefully enhance the working genetic package every time we breed a litter. To this end we often revert to line-breeding, as we have noted that combining a good dog with another good dog, rarely produces offspring of the same standard of quality.

Certain working dog breeders have successfully established lines by crossing closely related brood stock. We have decided to follow their example, in view of producing dogs with the following assets: strong herding instinct, work drive, high intelligence, courage, calmness, wiliness to please and low stress stock control. Our mission is to provide farmers with top quality herding dogs. For this reason, our breeding stock is selected for its natural abilities, as not everyone is born a dog trainer. We monitor the progress of our dogs’ offspring by keeping a pup from most litters and by organizing herding clinics free of charge, as part of our after sales service.

When it comes to our Working Kelpies, we have opted for paddock dog origins, rather than yard or utility dog ones, as we feel that they are more adapted to the type of farm work here in France. It is also easier to get a paddock dog to do yard work than the other way around.

In that which concerns our Australian Cattle Dogs, unfortunately very few origins are currently selected for herding instinct, so we have decided to take up this exciting challenge. We have identified some interesting dogs, displaying heading ability and compliant attitudes and have started to breed and train our very own farm dogs.

We also breed Border Collies for work on beef cattle and Maremma Sheepdogs under another stud name (du Rouvet), according to the same philosophy.

Last, but not least, we felt like having a hunting dog breed, so the logical choice for us was the Australian Terrier, thereby bringing together three Aussie icons under the same prefix. Initially bred to hunt and exterminate rodents and snakes, it was also prized as a watchdog.
Ours offer a helping hand in keeping the rodent population on our farm under control.

Our stud is located in Correze (France), just a stone’s throw from the Périgord region. Our farm has over 400 sheep (Ile de France and Dorper) and our dogs have access to our neighbor’s Limousine cattle for training purposes. We trained our first Border Collie back in 2001 and have trained over 100 herding dogs for farm work since then. We sometimes take part in the occasional sheep or cattle herding trial, in view of promoting our dogs and these breeds in general. Videos of our dogs at work can be viewed on the youtube channel – ozzydoggy.

Our dogs are registered with the French Kennel Council and our Working Kelpies are also registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia. All of our breeding stock is screened for genetic health problems. Most of our dogs are sold locally, but some have been exported to various countries throughout Europe.