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Ridgey Didge Deep Red Ruby alias Pippa (9 months) is growing into a beautiful lady in red. Pippa looks gorgeous with a winter background. Ridgey Didge Dark Blue Opal (9 months) is starting to learn about herding with Sylvie, her new owner. I'd like to thank B?n?dicte Vieille for taking these lovely pictures. Opal lies down when asked to stop. Opal has good drive and herding instinct. Opal moves around the flock with ease and doesn't try to heel too much. Is that Melba??? No, that's her carbon copy daughter Ridgey Didge Dusty Red Dinga. At the 2009 Paris Dog Show Dinga received nice comments from the juge and was deemed Very Promising. In addition, and most especially, she was very well behaved. Ridgey Didge Back In Red (Banjo)- 2 and a half years old. Banjo - winter sensations. Ridgey Didge Bound For Glory - 2 years The Lion King? No that's Ridgey Didge Darwin Code Red! Darwin - 7 months - boasts Melba's pretty colour. Ridgey Didge DIGGER Blue Spirit - 7 months. Digger - 7 months. Ridgey Didge Dark Blue OPAL - 6 months
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