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Dusty Red DINGA lives in Belgium where she's going to learn all about agility when she grows up - what more could an ACD ask for? And last but not least, Dreamtime BLUE Legend who's changed quite a bit since moving to Switzerland. He's become slim and quite fond of paddling in water as he goes and plays each day in a nearby river. Check out the summer truffles found by our dear Aussie in a nearby forest, including one the size of a tennis ball. He's a talented fellow! What a shame that this variety isn't popular as lacking in flavour. Kids? No problems. Ridgey Didge Breakfast At Sweethearts (Pavlova) confirms that ACDs can be wonderful family pets when they are brought up in the right context. We'd like to thank the Turner family for taking such good care of Melba's daughter (pictured here at 6 months old). Pavlova's hobbies are ball fetching, going for a jog and hanging out with the kids at the local park. Here at 6 months old. Pavlova our favourite ham. As you can see, Pavlova (10 months) is a real snow bunny. Cattle Dogs are always joyful and just love to please their owners. Check out Ridgey Didge Bound For Glory showing off. Ridgey Didge Beds Are Burning aka Ben is a very handsome dog with good herding instinct. Ben (15 months) is the spitting image of his mum Melba. At the French Championship 2007 Ridgey Didge Bound For Glory aka Caddie was the best ACD youth. He was also attributed the Reserve CACS at the 2007 National Breed Show and the one held in 2008. Ridgey Didge Better Be Home Soon aka Bat (6 months). Ridgey Didge By My Side aka Angie (6 months) and her best friend Texas. Ridgey Didge Beauty On The Fire aka Daisy (12 weeks old) spends part of her time on a fishing boat off the Mediterranean coast. Daisy (5 months old) snoozing with a friendly Braque. Ridgey Didge Breakfast At Sweethearts aka Pavlova (10 months) - like her three sisters - is 45 cm and has all her teeth.
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