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Happy Birthday Pavlova!!! Already one year old. Archibald du Shuunka Takan (our Aussie x Muad'dib's Blue Ayla). Here on his 1st birthday. With his handsome blue grey coat and his 47 cm, Archie (12 months) is true to type. A typical ACD, Archie (18 months) loves playing in the snow. Archie (21 months) like most ACDs also likes getting wet. Banjo is my 3rd ACD, and my husband's 1st dog. We are really proud that such a nice fellow bears our prefix. Banjo is a well-balanced dog with character, and good herding instinct. Here at 11 months. Banjo in a word - CHARISMA! 9 months old. Banjo boasts a perfect red colour - his snout is free of grey, he doesn't have any black circles around his eyes, or any blue overlay. Here at 6 months. Ridgey Didge Back In Red aka Banjo already a keeper when he was just 6 weeks old. Melba (6 weeks) with her sister Tutti Frutti before becoming part of my life. Melba (2 years) is always overwhelmed by the slightest sign of affection. Melba is my second cattle dog. Even people who prefer blue fall under her spell! Melba's offspring is handsome, healthy and good natured, including our lovely Banjo (15 mths). My first ACD, Ridgey Didge Blue Dog de la Vall?e des Hibiscus aka Aussie on his 6th birthday. 3-year old Aussie thinks he's the dog in Mad Max 2. An ACD should express alertness and intelligence - 3-year old Aussie.
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